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This image is part of a campaign to investigate how the spectral slope and reflectivity of dust particles in the enviroment of CG depend on the phase angle, that is the angle between Rosetta, the particle,and the sun. In this image, particles far away appear as small features, while particles close by are resolved, and particles even closer appear as defocussed,'translucent' patches.

Date taken2016-02-05T21:07:32.380 (UTC)
CameraWide Angle Camera
FilterGreen (537 nm) / Empty (-)
Exposure time0.500 s
Pixel resolution5.13 m/px at 67P/CG
Processing levelRaw
Distance Rosetta ↔ 67P/CG52.934 km
Distance 67P/CG ↔ Sun343449568 km2.295819 AU
Distance Rosetta ↔ Earth223329120 km1.492863 AU


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